How I View My Latest Readwise Highlights in My Obsidian Daily Note

I created an Obsidian Dataview query to view my latest Readwise highlights daily.

Ben Newton


it's been a great week for the Readwise/Obsidian community. Readwise released its official plugin for Obsidian just a couple of days ago, and it has had a great response from users.

I have been thinking about ways I can integrate all this newly available data in my vault into my everyday Obsidian workflow. What better place to do that but in my daily note.

If you are not aware of Readwise or the Readwise Plugin for Obsidian yet, take a quick look at my article, giving a rundown of all the features.

Set Up your Template

This is not the perfect solution, and it does require some modifications to the export templates in the Readwise settings. As Dataview and Readwise plugins mature, I am sure there will be easier ways to make this happen, but after an hour or so of playing around with both, this is the initial solution I came up with.

Edit Highlight Output

Highlight Header Section of Readwise settings

You will need to add a new tag to the output of the Highlight Header section of the Readwise Custom Formatting Section. This will give you something to search for that is date-specific.


You will also need to remove the time from the Heading created when new highlights are added to an existing note.

## New highlights added {{date|date(‘F j, Y’)}} at {{time}}becomes## New highlights added {{date|date(‘F j, Y’)}}

This will allow you to include a link to the heading based on the date. And since we don’t know the time added, and the colon in the time…



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